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Emily Hart

Member CDTA Ballet, Jazz, PBT Certified, ADAPT TTC

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap


Emily Hart is an Art in Motion Alumni that spent over seventeen years training in the Terrace community. Fifteen of those years were spent training at the Northern Conservatory of Dance and Art in Motion in ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, modern and tap.


Emily left Terrace in 2012 and spent two years training in Vancouver at Harbour Dance Centre. In 2012/13, she auditioned and was chosen for the Intensive Training Program, which involved training, company performances and commercial work. In 2013/14, she auditioned and was selected into The Source Dance Company. She continued with extensive hours of training, choreography, and, ultimately, increased performance and commercial work opportunities. Those two years provided many learning opportunities and growth as she also expanded her training to include hip-hop and musical theatre.


Emily’s commercial dance experiences include multiple flash mobs, Vancity Project 5 & 6, Building Dreams Performance, the 2014 opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Aquarium expansion, Harbour Dance Centre’s production of Westside Story, multiple commercial dance shows, and video dance work with Mariana’s Trench in their 2013 video “Stutter.”

Emily has recently completed her three-year Teachers Training School through the ADAPT Syllabus, under the direction of Mr. & Mrs. Foley. Emily is very excited to share the new skills she has developed over the last three years. Her focus on technique, training, and discipline, within a positive and caring environment are skills that she feels will continue to benefit our AIM dancers.

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Laura Archibald

R.A.D. RTS, Licentiate Member CDTA Ballet, PBT Certified, Member of Rambert Grades

Ballet, En Pointe


Laura was born and raised in Terrace, and is a registered Royal Academy of Dance ballet teacher. Her training began in Terrace and continued to Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. She has 25 years’ experience in teaching/ choreographing ballet.


Laura has trained students successfully for RAD exams and as provincial representatives. Many of her students have gone on to have careers in dance becoming teachers, performers and choreographers.


She continues to stay updated with many courses that have taken her to New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary as she feels it’s important to always be learning as the dance world is always changing. Her latest accomplishment is appointed mentor for teachers to receive their teaching degree.


Laura passion for teaching is passing along her knowledge and love for ballet to others.

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Lexi Shinde

PBT Certified

Ballet, En Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary


Lexi began her dance journey with Art in Motion at the age of three. She eagerly stepped into her first dance class and discovered a lifelong passion that would shape her artistic path. For fifteen years, Lexi immersed herself in the world of ballet, jazz, and modern dance under the guidance of Art in Motion. With each graceful movement and dedicated practice session, she honed her technical prowess, nurtured her artistic expression, and cultivated a deep love for the art form.


Lexi's talent and commitment propelled her to remarkable heights, earning her the prestigious honor of being selected as a provincial ballet delegate at Performing Arts BC. This recognition showcased her exceptional skills and dedication to the craft, a testament to the countless hours she devoted to perfecting her technique.

In her pursuit of excellence, Lexi undertook the Intermediate and Advanced Foundations Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams, further solidifying her mastery of ballet. These rigorous examinations served as milestones, marking her progression, and demonstrating her unwavering commitment to artistic growth. Driven by her thirst for knowledge, Lexi embarked on her latest endeavour, pursuing the PBT teaching certification. This valuable certification expanded her teaching repertoire.

Having witnessed the evolution and growth of Art in Motion since its inception, Lexi returned to the studio in 2022, not only as a distinguished alumna but also in a teaching capacity. With passion and dedication, she seeks to instill in her students the same love for ballet that has fueled her own artistic journey.

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Sophia Franco

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary


Sophia, a passionate dancer, embarked on her dance journey at the age of three at Art in Motion. For twelve years, she dedicated herself to honing her skills and nurturing her love for dance within the walls of AIM. During those years, Sophia spent many hours volunteering her time as a student teacher. As Sophia grew and flourished as a dancer, she embraced the competitive realm, showcasing her talent in various dance styles. Training in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and hip-hop, she explored a diverse range of disciplines.


Life took Sophia to Vancouver Island, where she spent two years dancing with a local team at Brentwood. In Sophia’s final year of high school, her dedication and talent were recognized when she was appointed dance captain. This role not only allowed her to lead her team but also gave her the opportunity to showcase her creativity by choreographing recital pieces.

Completing her Degree in Science with honours, majoring in Psychology and returning to Terrace, Sophia is excited to return and teach at Art in Motion, where her dance journey began. 

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Brianna Onstein

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary


Brianna, an Art in Motion alumna, has immersed herself in the world of dance for over fifteen years, honing her skills through rigorous training and competition in Terrace. Her formative years at Art in Motion saw her master various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, lyrical/contemporary, and acrobatics/gymnastics.


In 2022, Brianna ventured beyond her hometown to Vancouver, where she continued her dance journey at Harbour Dance Centre. Successfully auditioning for the Intensive Training Program for the 2022/23 season, she dedicated numerous hours each week to not only dance but also singing, acting, and choreography, enriching her understanding of the Commercial Dance Industry. Brianna was chosen to participate in Platform on Camera, a program guiding young dancers entering the film/TV industry. This experience provided her with invaluable insights into dancing on set, complemented by extensive seminar attendance.


As the current dance season unfolded, Brianna's path led her to London, England, where she trained under Christie Lee Manning at House of Jazz's professional jazz program. Immersed in the world of jazz, she explored its style, history, and intricacies, dedicating extensive hours to her craft. Her time in London was not only a journey of dance, but also one of personal and career growth, and she eagerly anticipates sharing the wealth of knowledge acquired.


Thrilled to be part of the AIM team, Brianna is eager to impart the new skills and insights she has gained throughout her expansive dance journey. Returning to where her own dance story began, she looks forward to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of dancers.


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Britta Nordean

Yoga Instructor

Stretch & Strength


Meet Britta, a dedicated yogi and certified yoga teacher with a passion for helping others connect with their bodies through movement and breath. Since 2003, Britta has been immersed in the world of yoga, finding solace and inspiration on the mat.


In 2020, Britta achieved her 200-hour certification with Yoga Alliance, solidifying her commitment to her practice and paving the way for her teaching journey. Eager to deepen her knowledge and expand her skill set, she pursued additional training in various specialties, including yin yoga, flexibility, back bending, inversions, and arm balances. These specialized trainings have equipped Britta with a diverse range of tools to guide her students through

transformative and empowering yoga experiences.


Driven by her thirst for growth and education, Britta is currently on the path to completing her certification in Pilates and Barre. This endeavour allows her to explore new avenues of movement and enhance her teaching repertoire, providing her students with a holistic approach to physical fitness and well-being.


Beyond her commitment to yoga, Britta is thrilled to share her love of the practice with dancers this season. Recognizing the immense benefits stretching can bring to dancers' bodies and minds; she is excited to help them enhance their flexibility, strength, and overall performance.  

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Tea Archibald

Ballet, En Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Tap


Téa's dance journey began at the age of three. Most of her formative years were spent at Spectrum City Dance in Prince Rupert, where she honed her skills and nurtured her passion. Téa embraced the rigorous training of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, progressing from the Primary to the challenging Vocational levels, reaching distinction level in all exams. Her dedication and commitment earned her recognition as she successfully completed each examination, marking significant milestones in her ballet journey.


Téa's versatility led her to explore other dance styles. In tap, she undertook examinations with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA), achieving remarkable success and earning

the distinction of Gold Star, the highest level, on all of her Tap exams. Her jazz training encompassed the ADAPT and CDTA syllabi, allowing her to develop a dynamic and expressive style. Téa's dance repertoire extended to genres such as musical theatre, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and even Irish dance. Her talent and dedication propelled her to become a competitive dancer, where she continuously pushed her artistic boundaries and showcased her skills on stage. Throughout her dance journey, Téa had the privilege of representing her province on multiple occasions, standing as a provincial representative for stage performances. Additionally, she had the opportunity to further her training at SunDance in Toronto, immersing herself in an enriching dance experience that broadened her artistic horizons. As a certified Zumba instructor, Téa combines her love for dance and fitness, bringing energy and enthusiasm to her classes. Téa previously taught tap at Art in Motion. With great excitement, Téa rejoins Art in Motion, eager to share her wealth of knowledge and her passion for dance.

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