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Art in Motion offers two streams of instruction to provide the most beneficial results for our students and their individual needs – our General and Company Dance Divisions. We offer dance classes in a variety of disciplines.

Dance Disciplines.


AIM General Division is geared towards those dancers age 3 years & up that want to have fun and experience the art of dance and performance. Our philosophy is to make dance training fun as well as top-quality. We strive to help our students feel good about themselves, be kind to others and experience a team spirit within their love for dance. All students registered in Saturday Ballet & Jazz classes will have to opportunity to perform in our Year End Recital held at the REM Lee Theatre – their time to perform on stage and be a star!


Company Division – “Contemporary Collective”

AIM Company Division, “Contemporary Collective”, is geared towards those dancers that want to take their training and commitment to the next level. The Company instills a sense of commitment and discipline necessary for development of young dancers. Our goal is to provide the best possible training and to be able to offer every opportunity possible to our dancers!

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